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    Crashing Race (1976) was the first game to include car combatGame Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Micro Nintendo DS List of best-selling Game Boy Advance games 2 (23): 77While not the first arcade racing game with 3D graphics (it was predated by Winning Run, Hard Drivin' and Stunts), it was able to combine the best features of games at the time, along with multiplayer machine linking and clean 3D graphics to produce a game that was above and beyond the arcade market standard of its time, laying the foundations for subsequent 3D racing games.[40]Retrieved 2017-03-17^ Rally-X at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Alpine Ski at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Fahs, Travis (2009-04-21)^ Fighting Roller at the Killer List of Videogames ^ GP World at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Laser Grand Prix at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Gear GP World at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Cosmos Circuit at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Buggy Challenge at the Killer List of Videogames ^ Battle-Road, The at the Killer List of Videogames ^ a b "The History of Papyrus Racing - Page 2"Retrieved 12 April 2012Retrieved 2011-03-17While not the first third-person racing game (it was predated by Sega's Turbo), Pole Position established the conventions of the genre and its success inspired numerous imitators.[21] According to Electronic Games, for "the first time in the amusement parlors, a first-person racing game gives a higher reward for passing cars and finishing among the leaders rather than just for keeping all four wheels on the road".[22] According to IGN, it was "the first racing game based on a real-world racing circuit (Fuji Speedway in Japan)" and "introduced checkpoints," and that its success, as "the highest-grossing arcade game in North America in 1983, cemented the genre in place for decades to come and inspired a horde of other racing games".[23]


    v t e Game Boy line Consoles Game Boy Pocket Light Color Advance family Advance SP Micro Visteon Dockable Entertainment Accessories Afterburner Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter Game Boy Camera Game Boy Player Game Boy Pocket Sonar Game Boy Printer Game Link Cable GameBooster Nintendo 64 transfer pak Nintendo e-Reader Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance link cable Nintendo Power Play-Yan Super Game Boy Wide-Boy64 WormCam Games Game Boy best-sellers Color Advance best-sellers Super Game Boy multiplayer titles Emulation BoycottAdvance NO$GBA VisualBoyAdvance Wzonka-Lad Nintendo DS family AU DE FR Brazil E! Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audienceInteractive Entertainment Majesco NA, PAL The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring No 2002 Pocket Studios Black Label Games The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Yes (COOP) 2002 Griptonite Games Electronic Arts The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Yes 2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Yes 2004 The Lost Vikings Yes (COOP) 2003 Mass Media Blizzard Classic Arcade NA, PAL Love Hina Advance N/A 2001 Marvelous Entertainment Marvelous Entertainment JP Lucky Luke: Wanted! N/A 2001 WizardSoft Infogrames PAL Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Yes (COOP) 2002JP 2003NA Atelier Double TaitoJP AtlusNA JP, NA Lunar Legend N/A 2002 Japan Art Media Media RingsJP UbisoftNA JP, NA LarryBoy and the Bad Apple N/A 2006 Crave Crave NA M&M's Blast! N/A 2001 Pipe Dream Interactive Majesco Entertainment NA Madagascar N/A 2005 Vicarious Visions Activision JP, NA, PAL Madagascar: Operation Penguin N/A 2005 Vicarious Visions Activision NA, PAL Madden NFL 2002 N/A 2001 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations EA Sports Madden NFL 2003 N/A 2002 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations EA Sports Madden NFL 2004 N/A 2003 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations EA Sports Madden NFL 2005 N/A 2004 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations, Exient Entertainment EA Sports Madden NFL 06 N/A 2005 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations, Exient Entertainment EA Sports Madden NFL 07 N/A 2006 EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations, Exient Entertainment EA Sports Magical Fengshen N/A Magical Houshin N/A 2002 Koei Koei JP Magical Vacation N/A 2001 Brownie Brown Nintendo JP Mahjong Detective N/A Mail De Cute N/A 2002 Konami Konami NA Manic Miner N/A 2002 Jester Interactive Jester Interactive NA Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Yes (COOP, SPM) 2003 AlphaDream Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Mario Golf: Advance Tour Yes 2004 Camelot Software Planning Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Mario Kart Advance in Japan) Yes (SPM) 2001 Intelligent Systems Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Mario Party Advance Yes (SPM) 2004 Hudson Soft Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Mario Party-e N/A 2003 Hudson Soft Nintendo Mario Pinball Land (Super Mario Ball) No 2004 Fuse Games Nintendo Mario Tennis: Power Tour (Mario Power Tennis in Europe) Yes 2005 Camelot Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Mario vsMchtest du ihn in der deutschen Version anschauen? E! Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audiencePants N/A 2005 Rare THQ NA, PAL J.League Pocket N/A 20010320010321March 21, 2001(JP) KCEO Konami JP J-League Pocket 2 N/A 2002 Konami Konami JP J-League Winning Eleven Advance 2002 N/A 2002 Konami Konami JP Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand N/A 2001 Torus Games Activision NA, EU James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing N/A 2003 2004 Griptonite Games EA Games NA, JP, PAL James Bond 007: Nightfire N/A 2003 JV Games Inc


    ^ "Top 25 Racing GamesArchived from the original on 2016-08-18The hardware capabilities limited the depth of the simulation and restricted it (initially) to one track, but it offered a semi-realistic driving experience with more detail than most other racing games at the time.[31]In 2001 namco just release wangan midnight for the arcade and then sequel to wangan midnight R it also ported to ps2 by genkiIn 2000, Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego) introduced the first free-roaming, or the former "free form", racing game on video game consoles and handheld game consoles with Midnight Club: Street Racing which released on the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance^ Rogers, Scott (2014-04-11)Contents 1 History 1.1 1970s 1.2 1980s 1.3 1990s 1.4 2000s 2 Subgenres 2.1 Arcade-style racers 2.2 Racing simulators 2.3 Kart racing games 3 See also 4 References N/A 2001 THQ JP, NA, PAL Morita Shogi Advance N/A 2001 Hudson Hudson JP Mortal Kombat Advance N/A 2002 Virtucraft Midway NA Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance N/A 2002 Midway Midway NA Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition N/A 2003 Midway Midway NA Mother 1 + 2 N/A 2003 Brownie Brown / HAL Laboratory Nintendo JP Mother 3 N/A 2006 Brownie Brown / HAL Laboratory / Nintendo Nintendo JP Motocross Challenge N/A Motocross Maniacs Advance Yes (SPM) 2002 NA, PAL MotoGP N/A 2002 Visual Impact THQ NA, JP, PAL Moto Racer Advance N/A 2002 Adeline Software International Ubisoft NA, PAL Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon N/A 2005 Gravity-I Destination Software NA Mr


    Archived from the original on 2016-03-05Part of a series on: Simulation video games Subgenres Construction and management simulation Business simulation game City-building game Government simulation Life simulation game Digital pet God game Social simulation game Dating sim Sports game Racing game Sim racing Sports management game Vehicle simulations Flight simulator Amateur flight simulation Combat flight simulator Space flight simulator Space combat game Space trading game Submarine simulator Train simulator Vehicular combat game History Chronology of business simulation video games Chronology of city-building video games Chronology of god video games List of space flight simulator games v t e It was notable for giving the player the non-linear choice of which route to take through the game and the choice of soundtrack to listen to while driving,[34] represented as radio stationsIn 1980, Namco's overhead-view driving game Rally-X was the first game to feature background music,[16] and allowed scrolling in multiple directions, both vertical and horizontal, and it was possible to pull the screen quickly in either direction.[17] It also featured a radar, to show the rally car's location on the map.[18] Alpine Ski, released by Taito in 1981, was a winter sports game, a vertical-scrolling racing game that involved maneuvering a skier through a downhill ski course, a slalom racing course, and a ski jumping competition.[19] Turbo, released by Sega in 1981, was the first racing game to use sprite scaling with full-color graphics.[20]ISBN1101517638It offered a wealth of meticulous tuning options and introduced an open-ended career mode where players had to undertake driving tests to acquire driving licenses, earn their way into races and choose their own career path.[45] The Gran Turismo series has since become the second-most successful racing game franchise of all time, selling over 61.41 million units worldwide.[46]Yes! No, ThanksThere is a wide gamut of driving games ranging from simple action-arcade racers like Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (for Nintendo GameCube) and Nick Toon Racers to ultra-realistic simulators like Grand Prix Legends, iRacing, Virtual Grand Prix 3, Live for Speed, NetKar Pro, GT Legends, GTR2, rFactor, X Motor Racing and iPad 3D racer Exhilarace and everything in between"Outrun"Venturebeat.com 1aae551883

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